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Current Event
"Bulu Palace" event banner

Current Arena
Read - Legendary Cup- Mythic & Sharky Edition


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Chubby available in Monster Lucky Draw: Period: From 4/8/2014-7/8/2014 Special Reward - Chubby

Read - Legendary Cup- Mythic & Sharky Edition Legendary Cup Sharky or Ardio Edition Date: 6/7 8/8 9/8

Challenge Legendary Cup to obtain Sharky or Ardio

PVP Reward: Read - Legendary Cup- Mythic Edition ND

Read - Legendary Cup- Sharky Edition ND

Feature Overall Ranking Monsters: Feature Monster - King Shark

Feature Monster - Ardio

Sharky and Ardio available in Monster Lucky Draw: Period: From 11/8/2014-14/8/2014: Special Reward - Ardio & Sharky

Read - "Bulu Palace" Event =====History===== Facebook Like banner

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